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Products - iCom - Land

IC-F14 / IC-F24 series

  + Built to last, built to work!

IC-F3003 / IC-F4003 series

  + Affordable, high performance radio that offers abundant features

IC-F3023 / IC-F4023 series

  + Simple, Rugged, Versatile For The Everyday User

IC-F50V / IC-F60V series

  + Icom's Smallest Commercial Handheld Radio!

IC-F50 FM / IC-F60 FM series

  + Superior Waterproof protection supports demanding communication

IC-F3163 / IC-F4163 series

  + LTR/ Conventional/ Digital - Multi-Mode Land Mobile!

IC-F3101D/4101D series

  + IDAS- Icom Digital Advanced System

IC-F9011 / IC-F9023

  + VHF P25 Conventional & Trunked Transceivers

IC-F5023 / IC-F6023

  + Features, performance and value for the everyday user.

IC-F5063 / IC-F6063 series

  + Conventional / LTR/ Digital - Multi-Mode Professional Mobile

IC-F9511 / IC-F9523

  + The smart migration to an APCO P25 digital radio system

IC-FR5000 / IC-FR6000

  + Icom's latest universal repeater with in-built IDAS digital capability


  + Icom's First HF Commercial Transceiver



Made in Japan, with quality workmanship and renowned technical expertise, Icom's land mobile radios are built to last. They have a flexible yet simple design so that they are easy to use and versatile enough to satisfy a variety of customer needs, whether it is superior waterproof protection or rugged multi-function capability. They provide a highly cost-effective business communications solutions.